Making art is usually a solitary business but the occasional commission gives me a chance to share the process with other people in a unique way . . .


. . . It’s very rewarding to collaborate on bringing someone’s idea to life and guiding it’s evolution though all the technical and aesthetic challenges it faces, particularly if the commissioner knows roughly what they’d like but not how best to achieve it. Some projects have certainly kept me on my toes!

Past work has included theatre props, trophies, architectural restoration, scenery painting, portraiture, private sculpture, school and community projects, sign writing and carved lettering.

I am very happy to discuss an idea you may want to commission, without obligation, and to help you if I can.Projects are either payed for on approval at completion if small or in stage payments with progress reports if larger and regular dialogue during the work is welcomed.

. . . commission . . .


Barry Griffiths RPO


Portrait of Barry Griffiths, leader of the RPO

© Sharon Windebank


. . . Sharon has become a familiar sight to the members of the orchestra in the past year as she worked on her portraits during rehearsals… Sharon works in a very personal way. The drawings are not monochrome but in colour which is built up painstakingly line by line… It takes many hours to finish each work, especially as her models are not posing but playing during the rehearsals. . .

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra


Members of the RPO in rehearsal

© Sharon Windebank


. . . commission . . .


Brian Patten


Brian Patten, whose especially commissioned poem frames Sharon’s sculpture.


The wasps patrol the orchard as the hours
Fall like plums into the unkempt grass;
From the fruit’s warm skin the slow juice runs
Like honey trickling through an hourglass.

Brian Patten

It was feared that the Ditsum Plum harvest in the South Hams might be the last. To draw attention to this, locals created Plum Day, commissioned poetry from Brian Patten and a plaque from Sharon Windebank which combined Patten’s poetry with imagery suggested by the public.

South Hams plaque


Ditsum Plum

© Sharon Windebank


. . . commission . . .


The Golden Lion, Ashburton



The Golden Lion, Ashburton 1912


The Golden Lion, Ashburton, in 1912.



The Golden Lion’s wooden lion stood proudly over the entrance Of Ashburton’s landmark pub for two centuries but had reached such a state of decay that Sharon was invited to restore it.

“I usually work out of single pieces of wood but the Lion had originally been constructed out of various pieces, hollowed out for lightness, and joined”.

The solution was a laborious layering process of 2 and 3 inch thick planks. A punishing deadline involved working outside and in the snow – “It’s strange how important projects never seem to come up in the summer!”.

Sharon’s meticulous work now graces what is now known as Golden Lion House and is clearly convincing. One local was overheard saying ‘It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do . . . “.

Golden lion statue, Ashburton. The restored statue reinstalled on it's porch roof.


Golden Lion in location.



If you are interested in commissioning a work, please contact me either by phone (07952 875698) or by email.